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How many end client users can WOWZA support

I want to know how many end client users can single instance of Wowza support? I would have around 16 live streams out of which 3 live streams will be 720p and will have VOD of 720p. Please advise… Can you suggest how many instances would I have to have if I had to stream to 15,000 end user clients. Considering bandwidth and uninterrupted service, where would it be best to deploy all these instances. Please advise…Thanks in advance…

The biggest limitation will be your server hardware and network capabilities, not Wowza itself. At 1.5mbps bitrate, you should be able to support ~530 concurrent users on a 1gbps line, assuming 20% overhead. If you plan to serve content to 15,000 concurrent users ( which is unlikely if you’re just starting off ) you can pretty easily figure out that you’ll need about 30gbps at the bitrate I mentioned.

For live streaming, things are easy, but for VOD you need a pretty powerful server with plenty of RAM to keep most of the content in memory, and probably SSD drives.

There is no limit built into Wowza, the limitations are server hardware and bandwidth.

Wowza recommends a late-model dual-quad cpu, 64bit OS, 64bit Java JDK, 4-8g ram, 1-4gbs nic.

You can use an origin/edge configuration to scale Wowza to meet your needs:

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And use the Dynamic Load Balancing AddOn to maximize efficiency of the configuration:

How to get the Dynamic Load Balancing AddOn

And you can test your configuration with the Load Test Tool:

How to get Flash RTMP Load Test Tool

You can also monitor the server performance with JConsole:

How to use JConsole with Wowza Media Server


Thank you, Having 1 gbps if I can only stream to 530 users, how do I work on streaming to others. If I have 1gbps internet, Do I have to keep on creating new instances for every 530 users?? In such a case where will it be best to deploy these instances on. Also apart from RAM and SSD, Do I also have to look for GPU??