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How Many Seperate Streams Can I Run Concurrent And Have Them Embeded Into My Website?


I have used the Wowza streaming engine and I am extremely impress that I was able to live stream using my cell phone. Now I would like to jump in and use the service for all things video streaming.

My question is this, how many separate streams can I run concurrently and have them embedded into my website with JWPlayer? I know JWPlayer is a separate company, but I did watch the webinar with Wowza and someone from JWPlayer.



You’ve posted your question in a “Find A Consultant” forum, which is meant for hiring authorized Wowza consultants. If you want a Wowza consultant to contact you to help you with the implementation (at applicable rate, differs per consultant), then you may inform so here. But if you got a question to Wowza about embedding and concurrent streams, I suggest you post your question in one of the other forums found here

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Karel Boek