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How many simultaneous streams can wowza streaming engine support ?

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The number of incoming streams is limited by cpu and ram, whereas outgoing streams is usually limited by bandwidth. So a very robust server is required.

There is no theoretical limit to how many streams an application can have. The limiting factors are:

  • Network conditions prior to the WSE instance (bandwidth, port availability, etc)
  • Processing power of the host (threads, RAM, etc) used for ingesting the streams
  • Processing power for outbound connections which may affect inbound processing needs.

I recommend you look into the following Server Administration documents regarding performance tuning.

as well as performing a load test tool

So, server capacity depends on number of streams, transcoded or non-transcoded, number of viewers, and bandwidth. We suggest about 8 transcoded streams or 80-100 non-transcoded streams per Wowza server. These links with deployment examples and server sizing should give you a better idea on how many servers you will need. If you are running maybe 200 streams and if you have many viewers, you may want to really make sure you have tested for this capacity beforehand.

More detailed sizing explanation: