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How much is "low latency" for HLS?

I’ve set up LLHLS as indicated in this post (post 95345 but can’t include links…) and end up with more than 9 seconds latency. With the same source OvenMediaEngine gives less than 2 seconds. Am I doing something wrong? What is the achievable latency for LLHLS in Wowza Video?
Thanks in advance

9 seconds with standard Apple HLS is excellent latency performance. I would not expect must faster than that without extensive tweaking.

Wowza Streaming Engine offers limimted support for LL-HLS. Performance varies depending on device, network, bitrate, framerate, etc. Typiclly latency runs ~2-3 seconds.

Deliver Low-Latency HLS live streams using Wowza Streaming Engine -

Thanks for you answer.
As I mentioned, I’ve tested Wowza video (the online service not the hosted software) and LLHLS (as much as I can set it up in the service).
So with Wowza video, I cannot achieve less than 9 seconds?

Correct, when using Apple HLS.

Have you considered using WebRTC? Wowza offers a WebRTC workflow with all subscriptions (up to 300 viewers, direct from the transcoder). If that’s not enough, we also offer an addd-on, “Real-time Streaming at Scale”, which requires a premium subscription (up to 1 million viewers, globally). More here:

Wowza Video WebRTC workflows -

Note: WebRTC scale is billed at a premium. I can connect you with a rep if you have questions.