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how publish the source rtsp stream to Wowza Streaming Engine

so i have rtsp streaming server So how can i publish the source rtsp stream form my streaming server to Wowza Streaming Engine because i can not use any device in this case (Jetson) as streaming server when it is connected to the internet over mobile network because of the NAT problem (i found that it is not possible to bypass NAT for 3g networks and the known p2p applications like Skype and torrents also cannot bypass 3g networks , whenever they come across these problems they send data through central servers.) so the solution is to send the stream to streaming engine or server and playback from any device from wowza server

If I am understanding your workflow correctly:

As long as you have an encoder that is able to publish an rtsp stream, you can send it to wowza using the url

Some things to look out for:

  1. An android device by itself still needs a software encoder to grab the raw video/audio packets from the camera/mic; there’s a bunch out there, some of which are free
  2. You may need to disable source auth if their encoder does not support auth,

Can you check to see if your encoder supports pushing the RTSP stream to Wowza and then you may be able to get around that 3G firewall issue. As opposed to Wowza pulling the stream. With RTSP, we support pushing or pulling the stream, but you need to see what your encoder supports.

If you’re not sure, you can submit a support ticket if you’d like some help from our engineers on getting this to work for you: