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How to access folders and subfolders, hierarchically organized

My question is very basic, but I need a little help. The objective is to configure a video server, in which people can remotely access data organized in folders and subfolders, so that they can navigate in their computers to find the videos they want to watch. The videos are to be viewed both a desktop browser (Chrome, Firefox o I.E), as in the Safari browser on the iPad, with the same encoding. All information is located on an external hard drive, that is, not in the Wowza program installation disk. This is what I have set up right now with software.

I’ve already changed the value of variable “Stream Content”, in the Applications.xml file. I copied the Sample.mp4 file to the external disk, and I could visualize it in my computer.

But I do not know how to configure the server so that I can access all folders and subfolders, maintaining the hierarchy of information, and choose what video I want to see. I only have configured the Wowza server, to see a single video, “Sample.mp4”. I have not been able to find information in the Tutorials, Forum and Documentation.

I would appreciate if you could tell me what should I do to configure Wowza and achieve the purpose I need. Thank you


Take a look at this example as a starting place(get a list of files in the application’s content location):

How to use ModuleVideoNameList