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How to achieve ideal delay in live streaming

we are tested with H.264 & AAC supported IP camera (axis Q1755) for live streaming. Here we are doing RTSP/RTP re-streaming and viewing the output in a adobe flashplayer.

we are observing 4 sec delay in live (both video&audio). Our need is to decrease the delay to minimal(approx. live).

what will be the ideal delay in wowza server with best camera & hardware configuration?

We supposed to do 10 live streams with 1000 target viewers with a bit rate at 350 kbps/500 kbps. Can anyone give an idea what will be the ideal hardware setup for this?

what will max bandwidth supported by single wowza media server2?



Take a look at this guide for lowest latency streaming

The bandwidth is limited by your server and network interface. What your users can handle practically is another important consideration.