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How to activate the recording at startup

Hi everyone!

I have configured some stream files in Live Applications using the Web Manager, and everything is OK. I am able to record the streams, clicking in the “Record this stream” in the Incoming Streams tab of every Live Application.

But how can I configure the streams to be recorded automatically? I didn´t find a way to do this… The only way I found is going to the Incoming Streams tab and than clicking in the “Record this stream” button, manually… If the server restarts, it doesn´t come back recording the streams, even when they are added to the startup streams.

Any hint is welcome! Thanks in advance


Hello @Denilson Rocha, you can do this using the LiveStreamRecordAutoRecord module for Wowza Streaming Engine. It’s an alternative to clicking “Record incoming streams” in the manager.

It enables you to record either all or selected incoming live streams on an application automatically using the default StreamRecorder parameters configured for the application.

Docs can be found here. Hope this helps!

Thank you, @Rose Power! I´ll do it and let you know the results!