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How to add routes to Wowza Container


I am running Wowza on a container in an AWS EC2.
I am also running another application (also a container) on the same AWS EC2.
I would like one of the applications to send content to Wowza using UDP (Multicast). I have created a docker network for it. I logged into the (other) application’s container and added the routes for the multicast traffic on the new interface.
When I try and log into the Wowza container: docker exec -it wowza bash, to add the routes on the interface, I couldn’t find any of the usual applications to do that: route, etc. How can I add routes to the new interface in wowza container?


I had to guess the Wowza new docker interface ip address and send the UDP traffic as Unicast to that IP:Port, and it worked fine.
I still would like to make it work with Multicast, but I will need to add the routes for the multicast traffic on this new interface.