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How to attach data to a live stream?

Dear All,

I have a live stream application with the record option activated then i have a VOD application that can replay the film that have been recorded.

I would like to attach some data like “title”, “location”, “Actor” to a live stream and display them during the live stream and the into the VOD playing.

But i don’t know what property to use. I had a look to metadata but it seems that metadata doesn’t survive the recording process. I already think of storing this data into a database but it would be easier if i could embed this data into the media file. How can i do?

Best regards


You are right Richard, the data is not included in the recording of the stream. At present I do not know of any way to achieve this through Wowza.

You might consider using a 3rd party tool to the meta data to the VoD files after they are created. One option would be Captionate just as an example.