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How to authenticate when stream from zoom to wowza cloud

The Zoom tutorial ( gives details on setting up a stream from Zoom to Wowza by disabling the authentication but does not give any details how its done without disabling authentication.

How do I stream from Zoom to Wowza with auth enabled?

Isnt it a security risk to allow the stream to come from a source like zoom without authenticating?

I can explain… typically, authentication is for streaming instances or apps where users are uploading videos and you grant permission to stream through the use of source authentication. With Zoom, it’s the Zoom host who can control their own security settings as far as who they allow in the Zoom meeting before the video is sent to Wowza.

If you do require some sort of authentication, you can try capturing the zoom video in an encoder and using some sort of authentication settings. The problem is you see that Zoom doesn’t support a user name and password authentication as you see in Cloud UI.

One idea is to use the Epiphan Pearl 2- an ideal option for screen capture to SRT or RTMP.