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How to Build Live Streaming Apps With User Generated Content

This guide provide instructions and code samples for building the components for a mobile-to-mobile live-streaming workflow. In this project, you’ll become familiar with building simple mobile streaming publishing and player apps. You’ll also learn the API interactions necessary for delivering global live streaming utilizing the Wowza Streaming Cloud™ live-streaming API and the Wowza GoCoder SDK™ mobile live streaming and mobile player SDK.

User-generated and community-driven live streaming are among the top drivers of engagement, enabling users to connect, interact and guide their experiences. This simple workflow provides a framework that can be used and expanded upon to add user-generated mobile live streaming to a portal, community, user-generated content platform or other SaaS (Software as a Service) app-driven service. We’ll provide an overview of how Wowza technology can help you add user-generated live streaming to your application that can then be viewed by other users on their mobile device.

Understanding the Typical Streaming Workflow

Live-streaming workflows generally consist of three primary phases:

  1. Publishing
  2. Processing
  3. Playback

Publishing involves capturing the video and audio of a live event, and encoding/preparing it in a format that can be handled and interpreted by computing and network resources.

Processing involves the packaging of the content into the proper formats, resolutions and renditions for the array of viewing devices, applications and networks viewers are likely to use to access content. Processing also includes the process of scaling delivery to meet both the size and location breath of the viewing audience.

Playback is the process or steps required for content to either be fetched by users from their client devices, or for pushing content to known endpoints and rendering content for viewers.

Building The Components of Your Live Video Streaming Workflow

This series takes you through some of the basic steps for creating the necessary components of a streaming workflow that can be integrated into an application where users can publish their own live streams and view live streams published by other users with and Android or iOS mobile device.

Publishing - Building a Simple iOS or Android Live Streaming App for User Publishing

Processing - Building Simple Streaming Processing Workflows with REST APIs

Playback - Adding Playback Capability to a GoCoder SDK Based App