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How to burn 10s of time of day or timecode onto the RTMP recordings

Hi, we have many RTMP streams being recorded on our WSE. We would like to burn the time of day of the server or timecode onto the first 10 seconds of the recording, so we can sync them up in the editor afterwards. Does anyone already have a module like this or close to this?

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You can set the time to be displayed here:

If you want to remove it after the first 10 seconds, you would need to dynamically set the value to something else. Does that help you?

Yes, we have the overlay module (requires use of transcoder). The recording would capture whatever is in the frame, technically, so if you transcode the stream and add the overlay, the recording should capture that overlay.

Thank you for the feedback on the topic suggestion. :slight_smile:

Hi VIdeo Streaming!

THank you for the pointer. Unfortunately that article is and the supporting .zip file are extremely general in nature and require we author our own module. We were hoping that someone had followed that article to create a “2-pop”, timecode lead in or other commonly needed preroll graphic.

Hi Michael,
we have the custom module which burns overlay image/text each N seconds . This is possible to modify it for your task to burn server’s time or timecode. Pls e-mail us direct at if you are interested.

I see. Yes, I we don’t have anything else here at Wowza with anything more specific, but looks like Alexey has a solution for you that may work. He has a lot of knowledge in this area for sure.

Thank you as always for sharing your custom solutions. :slight_smile: