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How to call out to the Wowza restful service using digestfile auth


I’m extremely new to Wowza and trying to connect out to our wowza server to get some info and just get the hang of using Wowza.

I want to call out to the Wowza Rest Service, the team that setup our wowza setup, made the auth setup utilizing the ‘digestfile’ setup.

How would I make a simple call to the rest service (any route) if the wowza setup utilizes ‘digestfile’ auth? I read the documentation, but I’m still a bit confused on how to proceed. At this point any route would do as I just getting started down this path, just trying to figure out how to setup the URL to make the call while passing the needed information needed to the route. At the moment when I try to call any route, I get an access denied message as Its looking for the authorization information.

Any help would be apricated.

This is the message i get when trying to make a call…

Th digest authentication enabled you will need to pass proper headers. See this