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How to configure strict CBR in Wowza Streaming Engine

We’ve been trying to use Wowza to trancode a VBR signal to a strict CBR.

So far we have tried the instructions in this tutorial :

Unfortunately we get a minimum bitrate of 1.7mbps and a maximum bitrate of 9.6mbps for a target CBR of 5mbps over 1 minute.

Is there a way to achieve a strict CBR using the Wowza transcoding?

Mind to share the Transcoder Template that you use? You should be able to send the XML file here as an attachment …

Hi Karel, here’s the template. I have also tried not setting a buffer value but I get the same results.

The only thing that I can see, is that your template doesn’t have the tag, which you e.g. can set directly under the tag. Apart from that, have you see the parameters show up in the logs?

I have tried with and without the Bitrate tag, I get the same results.

I do see the parameters I set show up in the logs.