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How to configure Variable bit rate in Go Coder SDK?

Dear Wowza Support Team,

Depending on the level of motion in our video content due to network issues, etc. we need to use the “Variable Bitrate” option in Go Coder SDK we are using for streaming from our mobile application. Is there any such option available in Go Coder? If yes, please let us know how to configure that.

Please note that in OBS streaming, we have enabled the “Variable Bitrate” option and this is working fine with us.

Looking forward to some options from your side ASAP.

@Scott Hooten, as you know , GoCoder has been discontinued and I’ve already switched and integrated other solutions that support ABR. There’s no really a ‘real VBR’ but we have integrated Adaptive bitrate in case of non-constant wireless bandwidth.

let me know if you need help

Hey @Scott Hooten, you may not get an answer in here from the community, so I asked an SDK engineer to reach out directly to assist with your recent SDK posts. Please check your email and even spam.

As previously mentioned in older posts, all SDK and Player questions must go to Wowza tech support or the SDK transition team since the announcement of the sunset of those products back in April, 2020.

In any event, you will get the assistance you need with your questions. For all others with SDK questions please see the following announcement:

Mark, which alternate SDKs support VBR/ABR? Ive searched around and i havent found any that support it (which is odd since mobile platforms need VBR badly as they have unstable cellular connections). Also, many SDKs want ridiculous money, which makes those unusable. Finding a free/open source SDK would be best, but would still be okay with an “affordable” but good performing SDK. Any ideas? Thanks