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How to configure Wowza Streaming Engine to stream over a public ip address?

Hello everyone,
I have managed to successfully install Wowza streaming engine locally and tested streaming and playback.

Now, I want to stream locally, and have a team member playback the the stream remotely.

In other words, stream over a public ip address;

In order to do this, I have to reconfigure the engine.

But, I couldn’t find any tutorial that explains how to do this.

Any help?

No need to reconfigure the engine; just make sure that the server is accessible via its public IP address on the ports you have configured. Standard is port 1935 (and if you’ve set up SSL then also on 443 probably)

If your server is behind a router then you’ll have to configure NAT in your router; you may also need to open ports on a firewall. If WSE runs on Linux; check if the firewall is disabled with iptables -L or else either disable the firewall or open the required ports. If you server runs on Windows; you can disable or manage the firewall via the Control Panel.