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How to connect a UDP Video Stream to Wowza Media Server running on AWS EC2?

Hi guys, I’m trying to connect a UDP stream directly from my camera connected to router into wowza.

I’ve looked already on guides and threads related to this stuff but mostly didnt help.

I still cannot see my stream in wowza, it doesn’t have any connection what so ever actually.

By the way, I have configured my network and computer already, and i have tested that it works on wowza streaming engine which is running locally on the my network.

But i cannot make it work on wowza media server running on AWS EC2.
I have configured wowza(on AWS) the same way as the wowza(running locally) so i can assume that it wouldn’t have any problem.

Do anyone have any idea as to what should i do to make it work? or is it possible ? because i believe it is I just cannot seem to configure something correctly.

Thanks in advance.