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How to connect native apps in webrtc with Wowza Streaming Engine?

I did the setup Set up WebRTC streaming with Wowza Streaming Engine. Now i like to know how to use native webrtc based android apps to connect with Wowza Streaming Engine?

It would take some custom work @appkodes 2020, but you can use a websocket request to get the information from the app - you would need to copy our usage in the javascript examples.

Or if you had your own webrtc SDK, that would work too of course.

If you’re looking to build a low latency app, you could send RTMP or RTSP to Wowza Engine and we can play it back as webrtc on a mobile app that supports the WebRTC APIs, so making sure you know your options.

Feel free to ask for extra help in a support ticket or ask in the Hire A Consultant forum.