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How to create a new Publisher programmatically?


is there a way to create a wowza publisher account with username and password programmatically? while i was cheking the serverside api manual, i found a method named addPublisher which takes a publisher object. but i dont know where to use it or how to fill publisher object. Can you help me about using it ?

The Publisher API isn’t associated with the publishing account as specified in the publish.password file. Here are couple of options:

Write a module that modifies the publish.password file to add/remove access to/from it.

You could look into doing something a bit more dynamic by taking advantage of User Authentication via JDBC article. You could modify this to leverage a file as well in lieu of a database. Or perhaps you might find this module as more direct drop-in replacement for the publish.password file.

Alternatively, take a look into our REST Preview as you could initiate this via a request to the API. You could do a POST to


endpoint and pass in the name and password accordingly (for creation).