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How to create SDP files via Wowza's REST API?

We currently use the Wowza REST API to dynamically create stream files based on video sources that are defined in an external application. When the video sources are unicast video we can simply include the RTSP URL as part of the Wowza stream configuration and create the stream files via the REST API and that works fine. But for multicast UDP/RTP streams where we typically use an SDP to join the multicast group and start the streaming video, I don’t see any current Wowza REST API method to create SDP files. Per the documentation there are methods to “connect” an SDP file that already exists in Wowza and to delete a SDP file, but nothing to create an SDP file. We’ve already confirmed that Wowza is able to connect to and decode the multicast video when we manually create an SDP file and place it in the Wowza "content’ folder. Now we just want a way to be able to do this dynamically via the REST API.
Is there something that we’ve missed or have overlooked? Or is this just not currently available via the REST API? And if it’s not available, any suggestions on how to implement this? Maybe via the Java API?

From some of the previous articles I can see that the process of sdp creation has been a manual process. (Unless someone else can correct me). The simplest way I think to automate it as a api would be to pair java api and http provider. HTTPProvider will help you create a http call to server where you can pass parameters or something. Then use the java api to compose and write the SDP file to disk.