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How to create ultra low latency by using wowza cloud for android app

dear sir, we are developed live streaming android app by using wowza cloud and gocoder sdk and wowza cloud.but we are facing delay in streaming after start live. so now we are trying wowza ultra low latency, but we are not getting wowza ultra low latency.please provide step by step procedure.

Hello, I am not sure who you are trying to reach with “Dear Sir”, but please take note of the following as this could be your issue if you do not have the SDK prior to April 2nd:

In order to bring you the best solutions platform now and in the future, we will sunset the Wowza Player, and Wowza GoCoder SDK products, and the technology powering the Ultra Low Latency (ULL) service in Wowza Streaming Cloud. Read below for more background and what enhanced solutions we’ll bring you in 2020 to aid your transition. This process will start on April 2, 2020, and will conclude on January 5, 2021. Need help? Email For technical support, please open a support ticket.

If you did have the GoCoder SDK license before April 2nd, then please know that Ultra Low Latency streaming only works on Wowza Player.

All three are being discontinued, so please plan ahead accordingly before the final date of Jan. 5th, 2021.

Please review this post regarding the discontinuation of these products: