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How to Custom create MPD and Service?

We want to provide additional information to the MPD.

But, Wowza only has formal information.

Is there a way to develop a module?

Is it possible to develop a module to generate MPD?

Is it possible to extend using java?

We have transcoder and player.

but We do not have an MPEG-DASH streaming server.

Please tell me.

(we will use HEVC tile)

Hello Yoseph,

What kind of additional information would you want to add to the mpd?


hello Alex,

we are planning to develop 360 VR Streaming service based on MPEG DASH SRD(Spatial Relation Description) and HEVC tile encoding.

HEVC encoder and VR player is developing. but we don’t develop streaming server.

we know that a lot of wowza streaming server are used.

we want to use wowza streaming server for our service.

additional SRD information is required in the MPD.

we think wowza not support MPEG DASH SRD, so I want to develop a plugin if possible.

We want to develop a plugin to add information to mpd and a plugin to serve tile-based chunks.

I want to know if these things are possible.