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How to customize my save stream file name?

Unpublished Streaming, then wowza media systems make Stream File in Live application path like this.

  • name_date_time(milli Second)_segment.mp4


  • name.mp4

  • name_tmp.mp4

  • name_0.mp4

  • name_1.mp4

But, I don’t want that Default file name Settings…

I want to customize save Stream File name like this.

  • name_20-06-17_12-13-01.mp4

  • name_20-06-17_14-15-03.mp4

  • name_20-06-18_07-07-13.mp4

  • name_20-06-18_18-34-23.mp4

plz. help me.

I want to specific method how to customize my Save stream file name!!!


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