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How to delay video from new audio stream in module AVMix?


My usecase is that I try to combine my main incoming video stream with another incoming audio stream leveraging the module AVMix. The second audio-only incoming stream is a translation of the original audio done by somebody remote receiving the original stream and then sending his audio to the Wowza server.

It works very well to create new virtual streams by combining the video from the original stream with the translations, however my challenge is that the translations are delayed up to 1.5min to the original audio.

How can I delay the video to match is as closely as possible to the translation?


Maybe you can delay the video stream with 1.5 min by using this module Or else there’s always the option of custom development …

Are you sure? This requires Flash?

It does not; where do you read that? We’ve done several successful projects where we manage the timing in streams including deliberate delay.