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How to discard network interruption while streaming?

Hello Wowza Community,

I am wondering whether I can discard the Network interruptions while streaming, such as: internet disconnection or the lag caused by switching between WLAN and Mobile Network Data.

Is there a way in wowza to discard these interruptions, which caused the onStreamDestroy and onDisconnect and onWriteComplete events in WowzaJavaModules to be notified, these events are responsible for finishing the stream and start uploading (in my case)?

My aim is, to finish the stream only when the user click finish ( in other words: sending a Wowza-RestAPI to stop stream, which I still don’t know it.).

following is my question on “how to stop streaming using Wowza RestAPIs?” topic, which I still didn’t manage to solve it.

Any help will be highly appreciated!

Thanks in advanced!


Checking with the engineers for you…be back soon

A couple of suggestions from our top engineers for you:

A. You could use loop-until-live to intercept and fill in those bits where there is a drop in the source connection?

That’s a module we offer to automatically switch to an mp4 file should the encoder or camera source drop. This can be due to fluctuating network conditions.


  1. Do whatever you can to keep the stream on the same network.
  2. If you cannot do that, you would have to implement some timeout logic in your module to determine when the stream has ended.
  3. One other idea… if you are in control of the client, the client could send some ‘hey I’m really finished’ metadata that the module could read off of.

You have two options to receive some paid custom help for this if you’d like: Wowza Pro Services or post in the Hire a Consultant Forum.

Hi Rose,

thanks for your answer!

I am trying now to implement a timeout property so that the system waits till the stream is alive again. regardless to the reason why the connection is not alive, timeout variables like:

ConnectionTimeout, PingTimeout, ValidationFrequency, StreamStartTimeout, StreamTimeout, VideoStartTimeout, VideoTimeout, AudioStartTimeout, AudioTimeout

These values are adjusted in [WSE_dir]/conf/[AppName]/Application.xml and [WSE_dir]/conf/VHost.xml, without any response in regard.

All what I am trying to do now is to set the timeout up to 2min(for example)(120000 milliseconds). Is there a specific values to assign to these variables in order to behave correctly? May I mention that I am using WebRTC (I believe it uses RTP/RTSP protocols).

How to test this? I’m testing this using the Wowza Hosted Test Pages : WebRTC publish page. Disconnecting the internet and reconnecting again, I receive “Peer connection failed”.

I went through the following question, as I understood, the main two values which I need to adjust is PingTimeout and ValidationFrequency in [WSE_dir]/conf/VHost.xml.

Any kind of help will be highly appreciated, I’ve contacted the following e-mail address: [ ] , but unfortunately,I got no response.