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How to display metadata using HLS streaming

Hi I used jw player and wowza to show metadata in rtmp stream. i would like to show metadata in hls stream. i have followed the link :

How to add ID3 tags into a iOS stream when onTextData events are found

How to debug the events on an iOS device

and also how to pull metadata. but the help i found on forums are not relavant to what i need.

is there any way using wowza and jw player or any other player to insert and read meta data from hls stream

Hello there. Thank you for raising this issue in the forum.

Short of building your own player I do not know of any 3rd party player out there that supports this.

As for JW Player, someone from support will contact them shortly and find out if this is supported. At the moment I think ID3 tag with JW player is a work in progress. I’m pretty sure they don’t work at the moment.

This post will will be updated as soon as we know for sure one way or another.

Thank you,



We have had a reply back from JW Player and there is limited support for some ID3 tags in the current player where they are part of an audio stream.

These tags that are supported:

TIT2: “title”,

WXXX: “url”,

TPE1: “artist”,

TALB: “album”,

TT2: “title”,

TP1: “artist”,

TAL: “album”

Others may work but we are not sure.

These are available via the onMeta() api call.

For JW Player 6.11, they are working on enhancing support to be able to extract timed data from the TS streams.