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how to distribute between 2 WSE using SRT

Hi there … I haven’t been able to find proper documentation explaining if I can send a stream between 2 WSE using SRT

Basically, ingest a stream via multicast or RTMP into WSE-1, and send it to WSE-2 via srt (regardless if it’s stream target from 1 to 2 or via Mediacaster pull from 2 to 1).

If this is possible, does any one has a doc to share it, as ones I’ve found are not clear how to configure WSE-2 to listen from WSE-1

Yes you can do this @Gustavo Villegas since Streaming Engine can ingest an SRT stream. You would set up a stream target in your WSE-1 with a stream file (see doc #1) and have WSE-2 as the destination for that stream target (doc #2).



Let us know if you need help setting this up.

Well … I read those documents. There’s no reference to SRT in them for distribution between servers

It’s be good to have an example, for instance, on how the settings on the target are, and what’s needed on the receiver to actually listen to SRT