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How to enable nDVR in Wowza Streaming Engine through rest api

I wanted to enable the nDVR feature of WOWZA through Rest API but I am not able to find any API samples

what I wanted to know

  1. What is endpoint URL where Wowza accepts this parameter

  2. what is the name of the property in which I can send enable nDVR parameter

  3. currently we are using this base API /v2/servers/defaultServer/vhosts/defaultVHost/applications/newapplication

does Wowza accepts this parameters on this API End Point

Hello @Fahad Rehman,

Check out for a full overview of the REST API capabilities.

If you want to enable nDVR when you create a new application, you would POST to


If you want to enable nDVR on an existing application, you would use the same URL, but with the PUT method. Send a JSON object as POST / PUT data, where the JSON contains a “dvrConfig” property that is a child object

   dvrConfig: {
    windowDuration (integer),
    dvrMediaCacheEnabled (boolean),
    dvrEnable (boolean),
    startRecordingOnStartup (boolean),
    serverName (string),
    store (string),
    version (string),
    recorders (string),
    dvrOnlyStreaming (boolean),
    httpRandomizeMediaName (boolean),
    licenseType (string),
    dvrEncryptionSharedSecret (string),
    inUse (boolean),
    archiveStrategy (string),
    storageDir (string),
    saveFieldList (array[string], optional)

Use the Swagger API reference for a better overview