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How to export a list of all URLs?

I have quite a few incoming streams in my application, and I’d like to provide a list of URLs for each of them. Is there a way to export a list of all the playable URLs, for all the streams in my application?

How and where do you want to export ? Basically as I understand every stream can be played via RTSP or webRTC or HLS etc for that matter of fact. So perhaps you are looking to know which stream is live in the system and then you can form the playback URLs on your own outside WSE ?

No, I have a large number of stream files and I’d like to export a text file that lists all the outgoing URLs on the “incoming streams” page.

If you read through this article you will see how you can get playback url by using protocol, port, stream file name and application name.

So in this equation all other things such as port protocol and application name are constant more or less and just the stream file name is needed to be known. You can easily build a custom module to scan for all stream files by enumeration and grab the file names and then use them to construct p,at back url based on what protocol you want to playback from.

Then use a http provider to export it all as a json array or write it to a file from there itself.