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How to Extract Timed Metadata from HLS for Android?

Hi I am using Android MediaPlayer and Injecting Timed metadata into a Live Stream and to listen this injection I am using MediaPlayer.OnTimedMetaDataAvailableListener but its not working. Can you give me some direction how can I extract Timed Metadata injected into Live Stream.

What kind of metadata are you injecting? It looks like the TimedMetaData class in Android API does support ID3, so as long as you are injecting ID3 tags or converting AMF to ID3, then this listener should be working for you.

Well Thanks for your concern, I am injecting ID3 Tags, MediaPlayer.OnTimedMetaDataAvailableListener is not able to detect that injection. You can see the code snippet in the image attached.

I think Id3 is supported from ExoPlayerV2.