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How to find out, if a module works


I’m new to Wowza PlugIn Development and finished this tutorial:

Eclipse sucessfully created the .jar file in Wowza’s lib folder, I also was able to add the module to an application via the web interface and it appears in the application’s XML file, but it looks like the onAppStart()-method never triggers. I tried restarting the server, the application via the web interface, and I also restarted the service itself. Is there a way to check, if the module is available at all? The error log has no entries. Or can I somehow call the doSomething()-method that was created by the wizard manually, to check if the module works without relying on the events?

Thanks a lot!

Hi Rehakles,

This would depend on what your custom module does. You can normally include additional logging information by calling the getLogger() method to troubleshoot your module. The doSomething method that is automatically generated is just an example module. You would still need to have a mechanism of calling the method from within your custom module. Can you post your custom code here? Alternatively, you can send in a developer support request if you would like to keep your code confidential.




Can you confirm that the jar file is located in /lib? The message does seem to indicate that it can’t be located. If it is and you’re sure it is named correctly and set up correctly in your application then zip up your /conf and /logs and /lib, open a support ticket and we can take a closer look.


Hi Michelle,

thanks for the reply. The code is the exact code from the linked tutorial (except the class and package name). We have now found out, that the module only triggers once a stream is started. The application start itself is not enough. Now we have the next error:

comment server WARN 200 - loadModFunctions[live/definst]: Module class not found or could not be loaded. Check [install-dir]/conf/live/Application.xml to be sure all Modules/Module/Class paths are correct: name:ClassName class:com.somecompany.wowza.module - - - 12190.008

The entry in the Application.xml seems to be correct though:




Any ideas what could cause this error?

Since were still trying out different approaches: Are PlugIns the correct way to go for automated publishing?

What we are trying to accomplish is to automatically publish all new streams that are added to an application. We already have an external solution that re-writes the ‘PushPublishMap.txt’ file, which seems to work so far, but we thought that a PlugIn that uses the API might be the more robust way to do it.

Thanks again