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How to find the usage limit of the payment plan

Hello guys,
I bought “One Month of Streaming plan” (149$), when i access to cloud i just see amount time and data i used.
Where can I find the remaining time spent. Because i have test stream for many time (about 10 hours stream) so i want to check limited time to usable.
I have an event for 6 hour live stream coming up, I’m afraid that there will be a limitation problem.
Can I pay more to use the service ? (i try to pay “One Month of Streaming plan” but was unable to do so).

Thank you so much.

Hi @Luther_Keng welcome to our community. :grinning:

We don’t address billing questions here in the technical forums to protect your privacy. I wouldn’t have access to this information, but if you email, they have access to that info and can help you.

Thanks for your response :slight_smile:
I will contact customer service to get more information.

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