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How to Fix Partial Recording Files tmp/mp4???

For some unknown reason our server rebooted while wowza was recording a live stream from an axis camera. These recordings only lack 3 minutes, so I’d like to be able to recover them.

There are .mp4 and .tmp files there that I assume contain useful data. The .mp4 files do not play because I assume since the server restarted in the middle of recording it did not get a chance to properly close or box the files.

Here are my questions: What tools could I use to fix these files into playable mp4 files? What exactly is the state of these files? Do they contain the h264/aac stream from the cameras? Are they in an mpeg-ts container format? Do they simply need to be boxed into mp4 container format? What do you suggest would be the best way to recover at least the portion of the data that does exist into playable mp4 files?


I did a google search for “video fix broken mp4” and got several possible results. I don’t know if any of them will work in your case