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How to generate license key and bundle identifier for ios and android to integrate live broadcast in mobile app using wowza streaming cloud product? having issue in generating license key and do not know how to generate bundle identifier

@Rose Power-Wowza Community Manager

Good morning @Ghanem Alshammari, you need to first register for a free GoCoder SDK to build an app with Streaming Cloud. Go to this page and sign up and you will receive an email from Wowza with your SDK license key and it will also have your bundle identifier in the email too. In the email the “App ID” is the bundle identifier.

Now when you sign up for the SDK, you can create your own bundle identifier. Make sure it is a reverse domain like test. This is is how Apple prefers the structure of a bundle identifier.

Both SDKS are free, but you will download a separate one for either iOS or Android.

This video tutorial shows you step-by-step how to sign up for a trial, how to set up the bundle identifier and how to run the sample app with Cloud.