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How to generate Secure Token For CDN Stream Target


I am using latest version of Wowza Streaming engine with Wowza CDN.

I have been trying to generate Secure token by following your guide at

I am not really into coding so i am not able to understand how to implement the php code in sample query with the stream.

I want to create a php page having wowza player with secure token, i have followed everything on that page except i am not able to generate a unique token with the php sample, Please provide me with a complete code/process to generate token and implement it with wowza player. Any random stream name/shared secret would be fine.

Thank you.


Thanks for contacting the Wowza Community

You can download code here:

Once you download the code, you can then get the PHP code and modify it to your token secret and generate the tokens. If you need assistance with the code and updating, here is link to the consultant posts:

Hope this helps.




This post is a little old but I would like to be sure, token for wowza cdn is a feature of wowza streaming cloud ? not streaming engine ?

Great question @Ludovic PAQUET and requires some clarification.

  1. For a Wowza Streaming Cloud only workflow, the Cloud service can secure Wowza CDN stream targets with Cloud token authorization.

  2. You can also use Streaming Engine with the Wowza CDN add-on and set up Engine token authorization. You would configure tokens in Engine and then stream to the Wowza CDN directly from Engine.

  3. You can also send a stream from Wowza Engine to Cloud to leverage the CDN if you have a Cloud account also. For this workflow, you would configure the tokens in Engine and leverage Cloud for distribution only, remembering that Streaming Cloud is built on our CDN. Once you have configured your tokens in Engine, you can select Cloud as a Stream Target in Engine and use that for distribution.

For more information on any of these workflows please click on the links in the text above. Hope this helped.

Additional WOWZA Engine & CDN information:

There are four ways that Wowza Streaming Engine media server software can leverage the Wowza CDN edge network in the Wowza Streaming Cloud to scale and add flexibility to live-streaming workflows:

Stream directly to a Wowza CDN endpoint
Stream to an existing Wowza CDN target in Wowza Streaming Cloud
Stream to Wowza Streaming Cloud for transcoding and delivery over the Wowza CDN edge network
Stream to a Wowza Streaming Cloud ultra low latency target for delivery over the Wowza CDN edge network

How should i use my Wowza Streaming Engine security token with Wowza CDN? Is there any detailed manual for that? Is there any specific settings in stream targets to ensure usage of security token while using Wowza CDN?

I set up security token in Wowza Streaming Engine and stream to Wowza CDN. However Wowza CDN stream is accessible without any security tokens so it, obviously, not working this way out of the box.

Most probably some extra parameters should be added to stream target to provide security token feature on Wowza CDN for the stream.