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How to get 5 or 10 sec delay with Streamlabs

Hello, i seting a HLS/HDS stream, bur im having 45 second delay and is too much, how can i get less delay? im using stream labs with 30fps and a 2066 bitrate and a Nvec new as encoder.

You can adjust your segment settings for HLS in Cloud by simply clicking on “lower latency option”. The default in Engine is 10 seconds each and three chunks of video are needed for playback so that’s 30 seconds of latency right there. You have the option also in StreamLabs to adjust your settings. Let me share some docs with you for you to reference:

To adjust some OBS StreamLab settings:

To select lower latency which will reduce the segment size to 2 seconds each- Select "Yes, create an HLS stream with reduced latency" in Streaming Cloud manager when creating a new stream. This is on under the Video Source and Transcoder tab in Cloud manager. (See image below)