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How to get concurrent live viewers via REST API?

I’m a bit lost here. In the Java SDK there is the connectioncounts call but in the cloud API I can only find live_streams/xxx/stats which gives something called “unique_views” wich “begins to update approximately 2 hours after the stream starts and then updates approximately hourly”.

So, basically, if I want to show a small overlay with the current concurrent live viewers on a video. How do I get that information from the cloud? :slight_smile:


For the Cloud REST API you should be able to use

I am not sure how ‘live’ the data is.


We have the same issue of getting actual live listener data via the API. Is there such a thing at all?

We found two resources, but they appear to be equally disfunctional:

  1. /usage/stream_targets/y7tm2dfl/live leads to
    "meta": {
        "status": 403,
        "code": "ERR-403-RecordUnaccessible",
        "title": "Record Unaccessible Error",
        "message": "The requested resource isn't accessible.",
        "description": ""
    "request_id": "def6744dc2d7a609c61f488560b80019",
    "request_timestamp": "2020-03-27T19:54:14.443Z"
  1. /usage/viewer_data/stream_targets/y7tm2dfl leads to
    "meta": {
        "status": 404,
        "code": "ERR-404-RouteNotFound",
        "title": "Route Not Found Error",
        "message": "The requested endpoint couldn't be found.",
        "description": ""
    "request_id": "11dce4349e0b97011820a39032d9664a",
    "request_timestamp": "2020-03-27T19:56:01.637Z"

y7tm2dfl is one of the two stream target ids, we get from calling /live_streams/nfpvspdh/stats

Did anybody manage to get actual live viewer data from the cloud api?

Thx a lot!

Sorry for the delay, checking for you…

Hello, to get the “Current Unique Viewers”, which is defined as “the number of unique viewers for the stream in the last 90 seconds”, That is only available with Fastly Stream Targets in api 1.4 (not akamai 1.3).

  "stream_target": {
    "id": "hhphnpjb",
    "unique_viewers": 0

I want to emphasize this is only available with Fastly Stream Targets.