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How to get control over PCR (RTMP in > MPEG-TS out)


we’ re using wowza Streaming Engine to translate RTMP streams > MPEG-TS streams.

by analyzing the outcomming UDP stream on our DVB analyzer we saw an incorrect PCR.

the PCR is above the 40 ms, and this should be 40.

is there a way to get control about the PCR.

our use case:

rtmp streams > Wowza streaming Engine > transcode in wowza > MPEG-TS out > professional IRD’s (Ericsson RX8200)

kind regards

Wowza Streaming Engine Version

4.7.1 (build 20635)

Any news on this? Do you have a solution?


Thanks for your messages. There is an “mpegtsPCRBufferTime” property that can be configured as described in this article:

mpegtsPCRBufferTime – Time (in milliseconds) that the Program Clock Reference (PCR) trails the presentation time stamp (PTS) and decoding time stamp (DTS) of the audio and video packet IDs (PIDs). The default is 750 milliseconds.

Kindly let us know whether this addresses your needs.

Warm regards,

Alberto Cabaleiro

Wowza Support Engineer