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How to get Full Screen preview using GocoderSdk camerapreview

How to get a full screen when using cameraView in gocoder sdk for IOS

I’m Using GoCoderSDK to show the preview of the users stream. I get a greay area at the top and bottom of the camera, How can I make it a full screen. I’m ataching a screen shot for the same.

There are some setting you can adjust here:

Note: If you specify a frame size that the active camera doesn’t support, the closest supported frame size is used.

Also, review this following doc for more info on devices that support various frame sizes.:

After looking at several documents and links - this is what worked for me.

                   if let previewConfig = self.goCoder?.cameraPreview?.config {
                        self.goCoder?.cameraPreview?.config = previewConfig;
		    // Start the camera preview

So if you add this code to your viewDidAppear function - it will set frame rate to 720px resulting in full screen camera view.

Great! Glad you got it to work @Adam Powers. Making sure you received the announcement that Wowza will no longer support the GoCoder SDK and Wowza Player (needed for GoCoder SDK protocol: WOWZ) after Jan 5th, 2021 and we are offering our customers help as far as what alternative SDKs and players exist for your use case.