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How to get recording id when creates a stream through REST API

From the spec when I start the stream with recording:true set in the transcoder. It seems there’s no way to find the recording id through any APIs, in this case seems the only way to get the id is through

GET /recordings

then scan all the records to find the one matching to my current transcoder id then use GET /recordings/{recordingId} to get the resource.

As we have plenty of recorded stream, calling GET /recordings takes around 15 seconds to get response. And if the recording is not available yet, our server needs to spend another 15 seconds to scan again. It’s so inefficient…

Can Wowza streaming cloud just return the recording id when we start the transcoder or something? Or suggest us a way to have a better REST API flow to efficiently process the recorded video after live stream ends?


I wanted to follow up on this post for the community since it was already addressed in the support request.

I did clarify that once the transcoder is stopped, it may take as long as 15 seconds, however, one of the recommendations I received is to pull the list of recordings by transcoder as it may speed the response a bit for you.