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How to get SRT stream statistics e.g. pktSndLoss pktRetrans

I need to be able to get statistics regarding the incoming and outgoing SRT streams in my Wowza Streaming Engine.

Specifically I need to get details on received packets, sent packets, lost packets & re transmitted packets.

Are these stats accessible by Wowza for specific SRT streams and can I access this data programmatically using the API?

We do not have this at the moment for SRT, but we are working on improving our data insights capabilities. I can add this as a request with that team.

Hi, I have just found in Wowza Streaming Engine 4.8.5 that this information can be stored in the log file by configuring srtTimesToPrintStats to -1. (I am shocked that you were unable to point me to this previously!)

Anyway, to re-ask my original question is this information only available in the log or can I access this programmatically using the API or any other method?


sorry for necroposting but I got to same question and google bring me here

I managed to get srt statistics with java api (we expose them in json format on http endpoint with HTTProvider2Base)

to get statistics from server we do

  • iterate over vhosts with VHostSingleton.getVHostNames(), VHostSingleton.getInstance(vHostName)
  • iterate over vhost.applicationNames
  • then over app.appInstanceNames
  • then we get val appInstance = app.getAppInstance(appInstanceName)
  • with taht we get mediacaster items val items = appInstance.mediaCasterStreams.mediaCasterStreamItems
  • then we iterate over items checking if mediaCaster is of type LiveMediaSRTReceiver
  • if yes you can receive stats with caster.srtNativeStats.toJSON() for example

sorry for bad english, maybe this explanation can help somebody trying to monitor connection quality as we are

Nice ! Thanks for sharing that

You can always create a proxy api to expose what you see in the logs. Like a custom rest api for your application.

My apologies @Martyn_Gilbert, I only shared what was shared with me by engineer when I asked. I can see why that would frustrate you and I’ll discuss with them today.

Thanks to everyone else for updating this post.

I have found the property you referred to and I once again apologize, was not told and this area is out of my scope of knowledge unfortunately. I ask when I don’t know, but here is the doc that you referred to so others can find it for the logs:


Asking about the API call now to see if we offer that option yet…

No REST API or JAVA API call for this @Martyn_Gilbert. I checked with the head of Engine team…