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How to get the current transfer speed

Hi,I want to adjust the video bit rate in an environment where the transfer speed is apt.

By using getCurrentBroadcastingNetworkBitrateThroughput of gocoderSDK, you can know the bit rate between sockets, but you want to know the transfer rate actually transmitted and change the bit rate.

I would like to know how to change the bit rate in Swift by understanding the current transfer speed.

Checking- not sure

The current transfer bitrate will be the current bitrate that is flowing. So if it’s a limited bandwidth vs the set bandwidth, it likely will be less. Then from there you can stop the stream and restart the stream.

After they check the bandwidth they will stop the broadcast:

In Swift: goCoder?.endStreaming(self)

config.videoBitrate = new bitrate value

Them start broadcasting again then:

Then start broadcasting again: goCoder?.startStreaming(self)

Thanks Rose,

In the connection environment of LowBandWidth in gocoder SDK, bitrate is automatically lowered or goCoderConfig.videoBitrateLowBandwidthScalingFactor = 0.0

I knew that the settings would be adjusted automatically. Is this recognition correct?

Currently, when goCoderConfig.videoBitrate = 700000 and goCoderConfig.videoBitrateLowBandwidthScalingFactor = 0.0, the bitrate remains around 700kbps even when connected in a 100kbps band environment.

Once the actual transfer rate was known, I thought that I could take measures such as manually changing the bit rate. If the bitrate goes down automatically, that’s the best.


Hope that helps. That is from the SDK engineer.