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How to get the source connection information


I am trying to fetch the source code information from my android code automatically , but not able to do it. Manually entering them makes the live stream to work. I have searched allover but didn’t find any docs. Please help



Hi @Raghhav MS, if I understand your question correctly, you are trying to connect your android to Cloud without manually having to answer your host name, port and those type of settings? If that is what you mean, then you can do that either right in the Android browser or by having an email sent from cloud that you can open in your android.

Are are you trying to to find the source connection info after a stream starts?

Yes, when my user starts a live stream, he needs to broadcast. So , i want some source code which helps to make my user connect live stream without manually. This would be better if i had the “get_source_connection_info” method inside the script.