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How to get wowza player license?


I can not build and test wowza html player because I have no license. Is it possible to get license in same way as developer license for wowza engine?

Hello @Maksym Kozlov It is important that you know that Wowza Player is only available to current customers who registered for a license key for Wowza Player prior to April 2, 2020. The Wowza Player license is not the same as a Wowza Streaming Engine license key. We are discontinuing Wowza Player and announced it back in early April-it’s pinned to the top of the forums here if you want to read the notice.

We are here to help. Specific to the sunset of Wowza Player, I would encourage you to read the product notification

and if you still have questions about the sunset of Wowza Player, send your question by email to

For technical support, please open a support ticket here:

Thanks and know there are other player options that will integrate with your streaming workflow. We can guide you on that choice when you email