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How to guarantee accurate time sync of the same video streaming on different mobile devices?

I want to stream a video to multiple android devices. I am using Wowza streaming engine and ffmpeg on the server to stream it but not able to synchronize it. Is there any way to pre-configured the time delay across multiple devices and access/read live streaming time status by accessing video frame ID or something similar ?

For example if HLS has time latency of 2-6 seconds than I can configure the Wowza server to stream in 8 seconds, which will guarantee the time sync across multiple devices.

I don’t believe we can, but I am double checking.

There is a EXT-X-PROGRAM-DATE-TIME tag that can be added to the manifest which should specify the exact presentation time of a chunk so if the player supports it then it could maybe use it for alignment.

The chances of Android players supporting it are probably slim at best.

Other than that, at this time there is not a whole lot you can do with syncing up device playback until the LL-HLS spec is more widely supported and you’ll be closer to real time.