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how to hide wowza player license id from page-view-source


I embeded in the wowza player license ID with my php page (which required by wowza)

the license-ID was displayed when i view the page-source-code,

please let me know how to hide the license ID.

Thanks for your question @Sam Qiu. There is no way to currently hide this, but the Player license is free and not connected in any way to any paid account licenses. The only risk, though rare, is that the stats for a player could be thrown off if used by someone other than the owner of the player license.

Hi Rose, Good day, thanks for your reply. Because I am hosting the wowza media server for my client and my client need build-in the player in their webpage, so means I will share the player license with them, if that is ok and legal way to use the wowza player? since it is free, i am not worry about the usage but more worry about if wowza allow me to use the license for my client?


Thank you for checking with us @Sam Qiu, it is fine to do that. I checked for you.