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How to identify current connections for each stream in smil file?

Hi, I try to find out current connections to the streams which I point in SMIL file. But I only can find current total connections to application and total connections for certain smil file. But every stream in statistic has 0 connections. But total connection for smil file is not zero.

I use HLS and I use several streams in smil files with different quality in player.

Even in REST API I can find information about application and total connections for application and smil. But here is 0 connections for stream too.

But when we specify smil file like instance in this request we get only all connections for this smil file.

How to find out connections for each stream from smil file?

sorry for my english

There is an API Call to generate the entire .smil file of the published stream to Wowza, by which you can set the manifest of that .smil file with a group in the transcoder settings.

Do you to make smil file for every stream and use this smil files in main smil file instead stream names?