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How to ingest EC3 (with JOC) audios

We’d like to ingest a source stream with EC3+JOC to a live application, and we were following the document here:

However the WSE doesn’t seem to pick up the EC3 audio from the source stream.

To be specific what we did is:

  1. Create a .stream file (e.g. with the following content:
    uri : “”,
    cupertinoManifestMaxBufferBlockCount : “15”,
    cupertinoManifestLimit : “1”,
    cupertinoManifestIndex : “0”,
    cupertinoManifestBufferBlockCount : “2”,
    cupertinoAutoSegmentBuffer : “false”,
    mpegtsImportAC3: “true”,
    mpegtsVideoPID : “0x1e1”
  2. Connect it to a live application.
  3. Make sure the source HLS stream is running.
  4. Confirm that a stream with the name shows up in the Incoming Streams in the connected live application.
  5. Check and play this incoming stream.

And we found that this incoming stream is a video only stream, and the EC3 audio track from the source is not picked up.

We tried specifying the mpegtsAudioPID field in the .stream file but there is no change in the behavior.
And we also confirmed that if we switch the EC3 to AAC in the source stream, the audio track will be picked up.

So we wonder if ingesting EC3 with JOC is not supported or we are missing something in our settings. Please help to confirm.


For live streaming, you can pass-through the E-AC-3 (Dolby Digital Plus) audio with the below property set:

Regarding VOD E-AC-3 needs, this is currently not supported and we’ll create a “Feature Request” on your behalf for support of this audio codec. Please note that there’s no guarantees or timelines set, although we now have awareness for this need.

Thanks for the reply.

In this link you posted, the tag “#import-ac-3-elementary-streams” doesn’t seem to exist anymore.

However in the document we followed, the same tag exists.

But it doesn’t seem to work. That’s why we reported this issue.

Right now the live use case is the one we are trying to figure out. VOD is not blocking us, but it’ll be good if you have plan to add the support in VOD as well.