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How to inject metadata into RTMP stream that push into the Wowza Cloud?

Hi, I have a setup of Wowza streaming engine, to pull the live stream from a camera via RTSP, also I have an application that can post CuePoint (JSON text data) via HTTP post to WSE. Using a plugin, the cue Points that received will be added as AMF data into the IMediaStream interface of the active stream that arriving from the camera. The same streaming engine is configured only to generate HLS output for the players, and I am able to inject the Cue Points to the HLS stream using a plugin that converts AMF to ID3 Injection. Now the plan has changed to do the HLS output from the cloud, so I configured the WSE to push the incoming stream as RTMP to the cloud. My question is, what the API interface I must use to get the notification on AMF injection into the outgoing RTMP stream towards the cloud? How to get the outgoing RTMP IMediaStream interface? My assumption is Wowza can do the AMF injection automatically but I am not able to see the data at the logs or in the packets traces. Much appreciate your help on this matter.

Issues resolved, with HTTP Provider IMediaStream interfaces, and using Wowza Cloud API by creating a transcoder with convertAMFData.

Is this still active? Have the same problem / question atm